Bedside Educators Network

Providing Educational Support for Hospitalized and Homebound Students

Bedside Educators Network, LLC

We promote connection, learning, and growth for every student.

CONNECTION – We connect with the students and families who use our services on a personal level.

LEARNING – We promote an attitude of life-long learning, both academically and personally.

GROWTH- We nurture academic, mental, and personal growth in each our students.

How it Works

We to connect students with qualified tutors and mentors, who guide and encourage them toward academic growth. We focus on the needs of each individual student, which means that each program of instruction looks a little different. We connect with students and families as an additional support to the schooling they are already doing. This includes homework help, tutoring in individual or multiple subjects, NILD Educational Therapy, academic coaching, and mentoring.

Who Qualifies?

Any student, adult, or senior citizen who wants to improve their skills, whether it be academic or personal, qualifies for our services. Whether you need some extra explanation in math, are struggling with a language class, or just need someone to help you stay focused and organized, Bedside Educators Network has you covered. 


Basic tutoring services begin at $45 per hour with invoices occurring monthly. 
Multiple-sibling and homeschooling packages are available, as well as packaged services for school and organizations. 

We are proud providers of the Gardiner Step Up For Students Scholarship.

Contact us

Let us know how we can serve you. 

Our Mentors

Each of our mentors is trained, experienced, and passionate about working with individual students. Many of our mentors are certified through the Florida Department of Education or working toward certification. We understand the importance of building positive relationships with our students and their families in order to see them grow and succeed.


Interested in working with Bedside Educators Network?


Our tutors and mentors must have a Bachelor’s Degree (or seeking) in education or related field. 

-Minimum of 2 years of experience working with children or youth in an educational / mentorship setting -Certified educators or those seeing certification preferred -Experience in teaching, tutoring, and/ or mentoring, preferred Please click here to fill out a job interest form and submit a resumé.