Providing Educational Support for Hospitalized and Homebound Students

Tutoring and Homework Help – Students who have been out of school for periods of time need extra explanation or guidance when it comes to homework. Students who need extra help with specific academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, etc. are likely to benefit from one-on-one tutoring. Our mentors work to plan individual lessons to help work on specific subjects for struggling students.



NILD Educational Therapy – BEN is proud to offer National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) Educational Therapy to qualifying students. Students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability or learning difficulties are likely candidates for NILD Educational Therapy. For more information about this program, visit //nild.org/





Mentoring – BEN mentors are encouraged to combine academic support (such as homework help) with other activities based on student interests. This can include anything from gaming to playing sports; from learning to cook to watching movies. Mentoring allows students to build relationships with mentors of positive influence while building academic and social skills.